There is no doubt about it, coworking has become the new trend in the market and is quickly becoming the option of choice for many businesses.

If you are a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer or just prefer working in a collaborative environment then co-working is the perfect choice for you.

There are many reasons why you should consider coworking for your business, from networking to the endless amount of coffee available!  Here are our top 10 reasons why coworking is the best option for your business.

Cost effective

It’s well known that starting your own business isn’t easy or cheap. There is much to think about and consider when looking at co-working providers as they all have different offerings and inclusions.  They all include a fully equipped office space without all the overhead costs you would incur for setting up your own office.


Location, location, location.  Every business wants to be in a prime location, one which has easy access and public transport available but will also provide their guests with that “wow” factor.  Coworking providers only select prestigious A grade buildings, their fit-outs are second to none and their 6 star customer service is sure to impress the socks off of you.

Avoiding traffic

It seems that every day there are more cars on the road commuting to work and that you need to leave another 5 minutes earlier to try and beat the rush.  Sitting in traffic is often a very unenjoyable task that if you could avoid I’m sure many would.  Coworking locations have popped up everywhere, making it easy to access one regardless of your location.  Imagine having a 5 – 10 minute commute to work, arriving relaxed, stress-free and without a road rage incident.

Human contact and interaction

With technology advancing every day and making everything available at our finger tips, we rarely need to leave the comfort of our bed to run a business.  Running your business remotely has many advantages, although it can also be a double edge sword. At a human contact and interaction level, this can be very lonely and isolated as a result, it can also reduce motivation, creativity and innovation due to the lack of connection you have with people.  Coworking provides the human interaction and contact that allows for businesses to think outside the square, network, build contacts or to simply have a laugh and joke to keep you sane.

Work Life Balance

Trying to maintain the optimal work life balance is a tricky task, especially if you work from home.  Using a coworking space provides you with the workday routine but also allows you to switch off when you leave the office.

Networking in a community

There is no doubt about it, the world has 6 degrees of separation and being involved in a community where networking opportunities are endless, you are likely to give your business that extra push that it needs.  For entrepreneurs, small business owners and innovative start-ups, it’s an opportune time to get involved in a coworking environment. Working with like-minded people who share their knowledge, expertise, contacts and insights can add so much value to your business.


Coworking spaces can have upwards of 100 businesses utilising the space – think of the opportunity and collaboration this allows for your business. On this scale, it will allow you to really push the boundaries, challenge yourself and your business into thinking and working differently, as well as trying new things that you would never have thought of otherwise. Let the creative ideas flow!

Increase your contacts 

Although networking can be daunting, it is also a powerful tool to help you and your business grow.  You never know who you will meet or how that contact may have an impact on you but there are endless opportunities when you are involved with a collaborative coworking space to build your contact base. You don’t know what you don’t know, so why not mix and mingle and see who you might meet that can help you and your business in the journey to success.

Flexibility and growth

Every business is different and has different requirements for staff and growth.  You therefore want to partner with someone who is able to accommodate the ups and downs of your business.  Coworking providers are able to work with you and your business needs, if you require extra desks or to upgrade to a private serviced office then they are able to provide this for you.

Unlimited coffee

Coffee – a liquid hug for your brain.  Who doesn’t love a good coffee to get them started or to help get them through the day?  With the average barista cup of coffee being around $4.50, it can add up quite quickly!  Many coworking providers have unlimited beverages included in your membership fee, some even have on-site Barista service.


If a coworking space sounds like it is the perfect fit for your business, or you would like to find out more information, please call us today and we can arrange an obligation free tour of some coworking providers to help with your decision.