No matter what industry or role you may occupy, creativity will always be a crucial element. 77% of workers believe that creativity will become a critical skill in future career opportunities. As an employer, what are you currently doing to provide the best work environment for creativity? We’ve generated three crucial principles for fostering a creative office space, so your employees can fully express their inspired thoughts and ideas.

Creating the right environment for inspiration

The first step towards inspiring creativity, is to design the right environment for it to thrive within. Providing a safe and welcoming office space allows your employees to feel more at ease and trusting towards their workspace. When your employees feel comfortable in their workspace, they are more inclined to share their ideas without fear or restraint. We suggest an office space with scenic views, diverse work areas, and high ceilings to adjust employees frame of mind when they start to approach creative thinking. Employee seating also plays a part in creating an inspiring workspace. Great ideas can easily stem from teamwork and collaborative efforts, so grouping staff who work well together encourages the exchange of ideas more often.

Empowering employees with confidence

After producing the ideal environment for thriving creativity, it’s now time to start looking at fostering an inspired mindset. Your first priority is to ensure that every employee can feel confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas among their colleagues. Once their confidence is assured, start to reconsider how information is currently presented to your employees and what equipment can be used to stimulate their minds. Introduce writable surfaces such as whiteboards to present a different approach to absorbing information and idea generation. Using a whiteboard as a creativity tool allows employees to explore new thoughts while continuously shaping and tweaking concepts to reach a more refined result in a public forum. Using tools to assist creativity ensures that employees have the greatest opportunity to formulate new and exciting ideas.

Establishing a solid creative process

The final step is to understand the entire process through which creativity originates and ensure the process can be easily replicated. Organise brainstorming sessions in chosen areas, so employees are already accustomed and in the right frame of mind when they enter their designated space. When the next brainstorming sessions occur, employees can quickly jump straight into the creative process without any hesitation. Support your employees by giving them the freedom to work in their preferred work environment with a flexible time frame. Allowing this freedom enables your employees to work with minimal restraints providing the best opportunity for inspiration. By fundamentally understanding the processes involved for creativity, you can help design guidelines to recreate these valuable moments of creativity.

Designing an ideal work environment for creativity to thrive isn’t a difficult task. To help you in creating a more inspiring work environment be mindful of office design elements, supportive tools and most importantly employee culture. If your current office space is uninspiring, let Victory Realty help you find your somewhere.


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