5 Reasons Why Serviced Offices are Great for Small Business

Have you outgrown your office space and require new premises?

Or maybe you are looking to take the next step from a Home Office to a shared work space or office?

Then we have a space to suit you and your business.

We have access to hundreds of private offices, co-working sites, virtual and conventional offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, Jakarta and Beijing. A serviced office can help your small business grow, here is a few advantages that serviced offers provide small business:

1. Flexibility

You can lease serviced offices and desks for 1 hour to 1 week or you may want something more permanent such as a year to five-year contract.

Flexible lease terms mean that your business is not tied down to the traditional long term contract for 3-5 years when renting an office space.  Providing you with the peace of mind that you are free to grow or down size your business as required.

2. Prestigious Business Address

Send all your mail and customers to a beautiful location. Impress your customers and set yourself apart from the competition with a serviced office.

3. Property Management & Facilities are Taken Care Of

Put more time and energy making your business grow, with serviced offices were all the property management is taken care of.  There is no need to worry about cleaning, building security, client greetings ect, everything is looked after.

4. No Moving Down Time

There is no down time when moving into a Serviced Office.  All necessary components are supplied including desks, chairs, phones, internet, reception facilities, meeting & training rooms for hire and boardrooms.  All you need is your laptop and files.

5. Onsite Receptionists

Reception staff take your calls, sort your mail and greet visitors to give your business that professional feel. They increase and maintain a professional business image without additional costs of employing staff.

Victory Realty can assist you with all your work space requirements

Serviced Offices are a fantastic solution for growing your business.  Call or email us and we will find the best working space for you!

Do you have a spare office or space you are not using? Contact us and we can have your empty space filled with a short or long term client.