Coworking spaces are the newest craze in workplace solutions. In 2017 alone, Australian coworking spaces increased by 62%. These professional, cost-effective and fully equipped work spaces require no set up, simply bring your laptop, select your desk and you are ready to go. These spaces keep prices low and are flexible in nature making it the perfect workplace for both growing businesses and large corporates alike. Recently larger corporations have begun adopting to these office space solutions. Companies such as Bendigo Bank, Roll’d, and Medibank to name a few have already made themselves home to several coworking locations. Discover why large-scale businesses are embracing these alternative office solutions by investigating the 7 biggest benefits to coworking spaces.


1. Flexibility in coworking

By design, coworking spaces can easily adapt to almost any situation. If you happen to be under time or financial restraints, coworking packages can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you’re a small start-up business with a few staff or you’re a company with hundreds of employees, coworking spaces can make arrangements to fit your scope. Coworking allows the flexibility that just isn’t present in any traditional office space.

2. A perfect work environment

It’s a common misconception that coworking spaces are a disruptive work environment. Each coworking location carefully considers layout and design with selected areas being designated for specific tasks. Important phone calls can be taken in secluded, soundproof areas while most common areas are ideal for informal meetings with the option for meeting rooms as well. Officevibe discovered that 68% of their respondents admitted to focusing better within a coworking environment than they would at home. These simple but effective layout strategies help maintain noise level within the office, allowing you to work free from distraction and noise.

3. Access to valuable building facilities

As a coworker, you can take full advantage of the additional amenities provided by your chosen supplier. You may be given access to meeting rooms, professional receptionists, and even high-speed Wi-Fi all included in one price. Individually these services would cost a substantial amount, however for a fraction of the price, coworkers can utilise all these services and more.

4. Supportive communities

While some cherish the idea of working from home, the experience itself can be very isolating. Coworking spaces breed communities full of enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that 83% of respondents felt less lonely after joining a coworking space. The connection between other businesses fend off the feeling of isolation and effectively promotes a positive work environment for businesses to succeed. You’ll never be alone in a coworking space.

5. Unlimited potential for collaborations

With other likeminded businesses and entrepreneurs working within proximity of one another, opportunities for collaborations and networking are bound to occur. For example, you might be in desperate need of some graphical talent and you don’t have the time to look for one. It might so happen that a freelance graphical artist is sitting a few desks over. All you need to do is walk over and enquire on a potential partnership. Talent, experience, and expertise could be a sitting at the desk near you in a coworking space.

6. A more focused and productive environment

A study conducted by Deskmag & Deskwanted claimed that 74% of coworkers were more productive since entering in a coworking space. It’s the sense of working close to other driven individuals that creates the motivation to perform just as well as our surrounding peers. Not only does surrounding yourself by diligent peers help you keep focus but also having access to common areas allow you to take a break from your duties. When you’re able to return to work, you’ll feel more energised and focused to tackle work head on.

7. Healthy work life balance

The need for separation from work and home is incredibly important for any start-up business or entrepreneur. Coworking allows an escape from working from home and provides a dedicated space to focus entirely on work without any distractions. Coworking doesn’t just offer a professional work environment but most coworking spaces also offer networking meetings, casual functions and even wellness activities. These additional offering all help contribute to a more balanced work life.


With the increasing trend of coworking spaces appearing all over Australia, it’s safe to say they are fast becoming the future for flexible office solutions. With so many competitive advantages of working within a coworking space, it becomes an incredibly easy decision for any business. If you truly want to explore the overwhelming benefits provided by coworking spaces, let Victory Realty find coworking solution tailored to your specific needs.


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