Have you got excess office space at your premise that could be filled by someone? You could be earning money until you require the space again!

Serviced Offices & Co-Working Centres

We specialise in assisting serviced office and co-working centres fill their empty space. We understand the importance of having a centre at full capacity and do our best to maintain that through our database of clients and external advertising.
All clients are screened and qualified to tour your space with referrals to no more than 3 comparable sites.
We value our relations with our clients and always maintain an elevated level of service and communication.

Empty Office Space To Fill

We will assist you to find a suitable tenant, manage the process, advertise the space and qualify the prospective client all prior to meeting you.
Whether you have an open office with room for only one desk or a large creative space for pop ups, events, designers or artists we can assist you to fill it, short or long term.
We have a data base of clients and advertise externally to find the most suitable candidate for your space.

Examples :

  • Commercial building/ Warehouse – only using part of the building?
  • Rent out the back end or part of the office, does it have a mezzanine suitable?
  • Open plan offices with room for another business to operate
  • An empty office not being used
  • Creative space to share with an artist/photographer/designer
  •  Small Studio Space that is empty

Our team can assist you with any questions you may have and to ensure that the right client is matched to your space. We qualify the client prior to referring them to you, match them to your requirements and what you are looking for.


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